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SOA Starting Point: Methods for Service Identification and Definition

As more and more companies start to incorporate a Service Oriented Architectural design approach into their existing enterprise systems, it creates the need for a standardized integration technology. One common technology used by companies is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). An ESB, as defined by Progress Software, connects and mediates all communications and interactions between services. In essence an ESB is a form of middleware that allows services to communicate with one another regardless of framework, environment, or location.
 With the emergence of ESB, a new emphasis is now being placed on approaches that can be used to determine what Web services should be built. In addition, what order should these services be built?
In May 2011, SOA Magazine published an article that identified 10 common methods for identifying and defining services.
SOA’s Ten Common Methods for Service Identification and Definition:

  • Business Process Decomposition
  • Business Functions
  • Business Entity Objects
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Goal-Driven
  • Component-Based
  • Existing Supply (Bottom-Up)
  • Front-Office Application Usage Analysis
  • Infrastructure
  • Non-Functional Requirements 

Each of these methods provides various pros and cons in regards to their use within the design process. I personally feel that during a design process, multiple methodologies should be used in order to accurately define a design for a system or enterprise system. Personally, I like to create a custom cocktail derived from combining these methodologies in order to ensure that my design fits with the project’s and business’s needs while still following development standards and guidelines. Of these ten methods, I am particularly fond of Business Process Decomposition, Business Functions, Goal-Driven, Component-Based, and routinely use them in my designs.
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