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Developing Good Contacts

There are millions of was you can develop good networking contacts, but you must be open to meeting new people. In the information technology industry, everyone is a potential client. So any place you can meet people is a good place to develop good networking contacts.

Here are a few examples

  1. Online Discussion Forums – Online forums are a great place to show your knowledge of a subject and allow you to meet people that share your same interests
  2. Blog Networks – Allowing others to read your thoughts and comment on them. In addition, you can so the same on other blogs with in the network.
  3. Networking Sites – Networking sites are a great way to find new contacts based on your current contacts because you can share common friends, and possibly common interests
  4. Volunteering – Volunteering is a great way to meet new contacts, and you can help others at the same time
  5. Civic Organizations – Participating in organizations or clubs like the Lions Club, Rotary Club, and religious affiliated organizations because you can meet people of all walks of life, and can share and contribute ideas for common goals
  6. Chamber of Commerce – This is another great way to meet contacts especially if you are interested in starting your own business. The chamber is a great way to meet other business oriented people who are always looking to collaborate and improve their business.
  7. Family and Friends – Family and friends are another excellent to meet new contacts, because they can always be on the lookout for opportunities for you. For example your brother hears that a friend of his needs a new website, so he gives him your number and highly recommends you. This is really good because the potential client is looking for the service you can perform, and you where already highly recommend.
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