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Good User Interface Design Patterns - "Don't Make Me Think!"

“Don't Make Me Think!” is a book by Steven Krug that deals with web usability and user interface design patterns. This book touches on user patterns, designing for scanning, navigation design, web page layout, and usability testing. The title of his book should be the goal for every user interface that is designed. How many times have we browsed through websites that look like someone just threw up information all over a site with no since of organization or layout? The information on the site might be great, however, if you cannot browse the site to find the good data then it is useless. Examples of sites like this can be seen on website like They have been collecting links of horribly designed websites for years, and their content should be used as examples of user interface anti-patterns. 

Good user interface design patterns are used to promote user interaction with an interface.

Three basic examples of this include:

• Differentiating a webpage’s background and font color so readers can actually read the content on the page.

• Displaying hyperlinks to the user in a logical manner so that they can easily navigate through the pages.

• The use of adequate spacing between content and other elements on a page.

Here is a collection of user interface design pattern sites and web templates that I personally use from time to time.

UI Pattern Factory is a mix of user interface design pattern library and UI gallery. It is a place to find user interface best practices, get design inspiration, and share design solutions with others.

Interaction Design pattern library has more than 120 patterns for web designers. All patterns include examples, explanations and even links to literature and code.

UI Patterns is a growing collection of User Interface Design Principles and User Interface Usability Patterns present on web applications and sites today.

Web Templates from Boxed Art Professional feature complete website templates, Flash templates, flash intros, logo templates and Dreamweaver templates.

Template Monster offers professional web templates, flash templates and other web design products available for immediate download.

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