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How to obtain a domain name and host a web site

Obtaining a domain name is a very simple process. You can use one of a hundred domain registration companies to obtain a domain name. I personally prefer for my domain name purchases. Once you select a name, you need to enter your primary and secondary domain name servers (DNS) information. If you have not decided on a web host location then you can always leave the DNS pointing to, and your domain will remained parked until the DNS information is updated. 
Important note about hosting and domain name registration

Some hosting companies offer you the ability to customize name your DNS servers. In order to do this, you need the ip addresses of your DNS servers and a domain registration that will allow you to create custom DNS servers.  The registrator will bind your IP addresses to a custom name of your choice one of the DNS root servers. For example, if a domain is, then you can create a DNS server as This option is free when you use
Custom DNS servers allow a domain to appear as if they are hosted on a single server compared to being hosted on a shared environment. This information can be obtained for any domain when you do a “Whois” look up.  A “Whois” look up allows people to find out who actually owns a domain and where there DNS servers are located.
In addition, private registration is a newer luxury in domain registration industry that allows the domain owner to remain hidden to everyone. Typically the domain registration company acts as a middle man between the domain registrant and the general public.

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