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Site Review: - General Overview

Google is a giant in the internet search world and offers various search options along with an integrated search that combines all of their indexed results into one result page. One of the major reasons I prefer to use them as my default search provider is their search engine results. In my opinion, their results typically are the most accurate compared to other major search engines and portals like,,, and AOL. Com. In addition, they have one of the largest collections of searchable indexed sites on the internet. Another reason that draws me to this site is its overall concept and design. Their overall design theme is simple and to the point. I think this fact is over looked by other search sites because they tend to over design their home page and inner page with too much clutter. I understand that this is caused by advertising and the bottom line, but there are ways to integrate advertising into a site that is not overly intrusive on the end users experience.  Finally, the speed in which results are delivered to the user is phenomenal compared to other searchable data sources. This is especially impressive when you also have to factor in the amount of processing that is needed to comb through their huge index while finding extremely accurate results based on searches. There is no wonder in my mind why they are currently the search engine to beat in the industry, and this will continue for a long time to come.

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